Murals in differents abandonned places in Lesquin and Lille with NOTEEN / France / 2021


Mural painting made with students of the collège Jules Ferry / Anzin / France / 2021


Brassart high school / Artistic residency curated by Prazowski gallery / Lyon – France / 2021


Mural in progress in the office of Heineken in Mons en Baroeul in the north of France / 2021I’m waiting for the stained glass window to finish. Project curated by the 9eme concept collective for Heineken company.

Tourcoing Grand Mix

Mural painting for ” Le Grand Mix ” a concert hall in Tourcoing / France /with the help of my friend NOTEEN


Mural painting for ” L’Antipode ” a concert hall in Rennes / France


Mural painting for a restaurant in a new climbing area called ” Arkose ” in Lille / France


Mural painting ” Solidarité ” in a high school in Halluin / France / Curated by Le Grand Mix / Tourcoing 2020